Yoga For Healing Review – Learn the gentle style of Yoga from the comfort of your home

Yoga For Healing – Overview

How Yoga For Healing works

Yoga for Healing is specifically designed for those who want to be on a healing journey but can’t get out of the home or can’t afford to go to a Yoga studio or hire a private instructor. The program focuses on building our bodies gently and simultaneously heal our nervous system. Designed by a certified yoga instructor and a nutritional therapy practitioner, Tera Bucasas, has gone into the depth of exploring Yoga from dozens of new teachers and vinyasa classes all over the country. She trains you on not only the functional movement of your body parts but also dives deeper into internal healing, emotionally and physically.

Program Contents

Yoga for Healing consists of 7 videos each with a different physical focus and deeper exploration to healing. In addition, you get a 25-page pdf workbook with deep insights on yoga postures and safety measures to be applied during yoga sessions and Focus Sheets for each Yoga practice that outlines your physical and deeper focus and the numerous benefits the practice brings to you.

Who this program is designed for

As mentioned above, this program is designed to suit the needs of those people who do not find time to travel to yoga studios every day or find themselves out of place in a Yoga studio. The Yoga for Healing program allows workout at your own pace and with breaks, thus saving you, the stress of having to travel to the yoga studios on time, finding a place for your mat and still unsure whether you are doing right or not and free yourself from the insecurities of feeling out of place (seeing other cool yogis at the studio). This is also for people who are on the lookout for a gentle style of Yoga, recovering from an illness and people ready to take a step towards their health and happiness.

Effects of stress

For those finding it stressful to visit yoga studios – this should sound, as a note of caution – Without your knowledge, due to increase in stress (due to the factors noted above), the cortisol (a steroid hormone  that prepares the body for a fight-or-flight response inhibiting insulin production and narrowing the arteries in order to force the blood to pump harder and faster) level increases and only when you address and resolve the situation, the hormone level returns to normal.

So what happens if our bodies pump Cortisol constantly? It can wreak havoc on our health. Following is the list of effects of elevated cortisol:

  • Blood Sugar imbalance causing increase in Diabetes
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Suppression of the Immune system
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Fertility problems

Hence practicing Yoga at home would be the best deal, saving not only the stress of travel to the studio but also the monthly fees of the Yoga studio.

Who this program is not designed for

Every product or program may not suit everyone’s needs. So, if you don’t get any stress in visiting a Yoga studio or your Yoga teacher takes personal care of you or you feel completely relaxed and enjoy the yoga sessions and you are on your path towards achieving your goal, then I would suggest continuing with the same. The program’s core focus is on improving healing of the body at a deeper level physically and spiritually, hence if your core focus is on reducing weight then this might not be the right program for you.

 Who is Tera Bucasas?

She has personally gone through 200 hr Yoga Teachers Training in power vinyasa. However when things changed due to the hormonal imbalances, her health took a sharp turn and every day of hers was filled with deep fatigue, depression and physical pain, she decided to shift her focus and sought out for gentle classes which were hard to find. Hence she decided to explore yoga beyond vinyasa, by taking classes from dozens of teachers all over the country and created Yoga For Healing.

My thoughts on Yoga For Healing Program

I have reviewed other Yoga at Home programs and they appear to be too “salesy”. They would go on talking about their program as if all the other programs are a bunch of wastes, however, this one is a bit different. She seems to be very simple and looks like she hasn’t designed the program just for money (although everyone wants to earn money). She wants to share with people her experience so that they could get the benefits and do not go through the pain that she had to undergo.


Yoga for Healing
Yoga for Healing
  1. Instant online access to 7 unique videos and 25 page workbook in pdf format.
  2. Flexible work-out at home
  3. Relief from stress of travel to Yoga studio
  4. Work-out at your own pace
  5. Gentle style of yoga
  6. 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee


  1. No hard copy available (for this program)


I would highly recommend the Yoga For Healing program, as you’ve got nothing to lose, in case the program doesn’t suit you or you don’t like it for any reason, you could get back your money in full with it’s 60 days Money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

For Questions and Support

If you have further questions, please contact Tera Bucasas – She will respond to your mail within 72 hours.

Yoga For Healing Program Review Comments

If you have purchased this program, request you to provide your review in the comment box below in order to help others decide on this program.

Where to Buy

CLICK HERE! to get instant access to Yoga For Healing program

Carthik shares his Healthy Life journey. Do visit regularly to get updated on his progress and tips for your own journey to live healthily. If you like what he does and if you have a passion and want to share it too, then Click here to learn how to share what you love – on your website!

About Carthik

Carthik shares his Healthy Life journey. Do visit regularly to get updated on his progress and tips for your own journey to live healthily. If you like what he does and if you have a passion and want to share it too, then Click here to learn how to share what you love - on your website!


  1. Carthik, this is a very informative blog post. I think this is a great program because there are many people who would like to practice Yoga regularly but they are too busy with work or school to go to a Yoga studio. I like the fact that there’s a section in this blog post entitled “Who this program is not designed for” that’s good that you’re being honest and not trying to upsell. So how long have you been using this program?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate being honest in whatever one does. My motive is to create awareness on Yoga and also help the existing Yogis to choose the product according to their needs and not just that I get some commission out of it. 

      I have not used this program, simply because I am happy going to the Yoga studio (nearby my home). As am building my own business, I am able to invest time for my health.

  2. Hi Carthik,

    I have heard that yoga helps in healing your body and mind. If we can do that home, then, it would be a big plus. I like the fact that with the Yoga for Healing program, you can work out at your own pace, and you have 60 days Money-back guarantee (in case you are not satisfied).

    I have a brother who likes doing yoga. I am bookmarking this page and share this site with him. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rosa. Am glad that you liked this post. Please do share this with your friends and family, so that they can benefit from this program.

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