Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Review – Where Durability matters

Product: Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Price Range: $81.00 to $360.00

Best Place to Buy: Manduka (Free shipping* – in the US, above $95 )

Size Range: 71″ * 26″ (length*breadth) to 85″ * 26″Manduka

Thickness: 6 mm

Weight Range: 7.5 lbs to 9.5 lbs

Guarantee: Lifetime ***

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Product Overview

How Manduka PRO Yoga Mat works

The closed cell construction of the Mat prevents dirt and moisture from absorbing into the mat surface, as a result, makes cleaning, a breeze. The cushioning of Manduka PRO is such that when you finger-squeeze it with some pressure, you will feel the resistance. The Mat’s extra long and wider feature enables the yogi to freely move about the mat and stay focussed holding a pose.

My thoughts on Manduka PRO Mat:

With a minor compromise on the heaviness and short term discomfort with the slipperiness, I would bet for the Manduka PRO as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking out for a tough, heavy-duty solid and durable mat, then this is the one you’ve got to buy. Though it seems pricey, it works out fairly reasonable in the long run as it lasts really long even with daily usage of practice.

Procedure to break in through the initial slippage (per the manufacturer):

Unroll mat on a flat surface. Sprinkle generously with sea salt. Let it sit for 24 hours. Wipe salt away with a damp cloth and practice for a lifetime.

What others think about Manduka PRO:

People have used it for hot yoga, Bikram yoga, regular yoga, vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt classes, stored it in variable weathers of Indiana where the temperatures range from -20s to +90s and still find that the mat has held up well. The density of the material is such that it’s hard to imagine reaching the bottom, as you could in the softer mats. One of the customers, who earlier used to use two mats together to get enough padding during practice finds that the Manduka PRO is better than the two stacked up. Those with committed and dedicated practice should think of this as a one-time investment. Another customer who has recently bought the Manduka PRO says that he practices with someone who has been practicing with his Manduka Black mat PRO for 14 years and both their mats look about the same.


Legendary support for a lifetime of practice with the Manduka PRO

  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Eco-friendly
  • Spacious
  • Dense


  • Heavy
  • Initial odor (fades quickly)
  • Short term Slippery (can be combatted with Manduka Yogitoes towel or Manduka eQua towel and salt-scrub process mentioned above)
  • Price (though it looks costly, it’s a pretty good deal considering that it comes with a lifetime guarantee)


I would highly recommend people to consider Manduka PRO as a one-time investment for life. The fact that you will not have to worry about buying another mat for a long time or maybe for a lifetime is good enough a reason to buy this mat. For any question, clarification or to provide review comment (if you have used this product) to help others decide on this product, please post it in the comment box below.

Where to Buy

I’ve done a bit of research on where to buy the Manduka PRO mat and find it to be Manduka as they offer Free shipping* in the US for products over $95. Additionally, Manduka offers Lifetime Guarantee*** for the PRO mats.

This offer is valid for FedEx Home Delivery and is available for orders shipped within the contiguous United States only. No coupon code needed.

 Certain orders are not eligible for free shipping. Exclusions include:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, and off-shore U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico
  • APO/FPO and PO Box addresses
  • International orders
  • Wholesale orders
  • Any order containing The PRO Squared**

**Any order containing The PRO Squared will have a Flat Rate shipping of $25 when shipping via FedEx Home Delivery.

***Damage resulting from improper handling or care, post-purchase modifications, alterations, negligence, and use for a purpose other than for which it was designed, are not covered by the Manduka Guarantee. The PRO Squared Mat is not included in Lifetime Guarantee

Would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this mat, provide a review (if you have used this product), comment or in case you have a question, please use the comment box below and I’ll be glad to respond at the earliest.

Carthik shares his Healthy Life journey. Do visit regularly to get updated on his progress and tips for your own journey to live healthily. If you like what he does and if you have a passion and want to share it too, then Click here to learn how to share what you love – on your website!

About Carthik

Carthik shares his Healthy Life journey. Do visit regularly to get updated on his progress and tips for your own journey to live healthily. If you like what he does and if you have a passion and want to share it too, then Click here to learn how to share what you love - on your website!


  1. Hi,

    I don’t regularly yoga, but I’m thinking yoga will be good for me, I’m just starting with beginners.

    Thanks for sharing this article about yoga Manduka PRO mats review.
    The points you share here is good information to think about when I need to go and get one for myself. Will bookmark your site on my favorites.

  2. Hi Carthik

    This is a good Review of the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.

    You are right when you say that it only seems pricey. That’s because cheap yoga mats don’t last long when you practice yoga several times a week. And they offer little to no cushion that this great Manduka Pro Mat gives you.

    Why buy so many cheap yoga mats that really offer no benefits — when you can buy one Manduka yoga mat that lasts for many years as your trusted companion and friend for each session?


    1. Absolutely, Mike. I think most of us would have experienced this too. We control our budgets on products that seem little pricey and ultimately we end up buying the cheaper product multiple times in short span of time, costing more money than the (so called) pricey product, which would have lasted longer.

    1. Glad that you found this site, whilst searching for your first ever Yoga mat and if you go ahead and purchase this mat, rest assured, you would never have to buy another mat (unless you decide to go for a change) for a lifetime as this mat comes with a lifetime guarantee.

      Sea salt is just used to break in the mat and not for cleaning. Manduka recommends using Manduka Mat Wash for effective cleaning and maintenance of the Mat. It also helps in maintaining the stickiness and prevents slippage. It is generally recommended cleaning the mat once a week. Let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll be glad to help you out.



  3. As someone who meditates regularly (slowly working up to Yoga because of a disability with permanent neck and back conditions) I would most definitely consider this mat based on your review. One of the reasons I was so resistant to trying Yoga was having to get on a hard floor even with a mat. With proper conditioning Before use and being barefoot would eliminate any fear of slipping. The larger size interests me because (in my case) I never know where I am going to end up when changing positions. It would certainly help maintain concentration as well.

    Thanks for such a great review. I am sold!!!

    1. Hi Carole, 

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your physical challenge. This mat provides enough cushion and traction, hence, you do not have to worry about slipping. Glad that this review has helped you take a decision to try Yoga.



  4. Great review. I did not know about the salt treatment to reduce slipping. Is that something you can do with any yoga mat, or just this one? You mentioned a smell off-gassing in the beginning, is that because this mat is made of synthetic materials? Is there a yoga mat that is made of natural materials that won’t have a chemical smell? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The salt treatment can be used for any Yoga Mat. Yes, you might get the chemical smell, but it fades away after multiple uses. If you want to get rid of the smell quickly then you may want to leave your mat unrolled in an airy, shaded area and wipe the mat down with Manduka Yoga Mat Wash, a vinegar-based cleaning solution with essential oils.

       If you are looking for a Mat made of natural materials, then you may want to try the Manduka eKO Yoga Mats – made of Natural Rubber. However, you would still get a smell that can be strong especially when the Mat is new. The smell is not a result of off-gassing chemicals, as no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process. Your eKO mat’s natural rubber smell will fade, but not completely vanish due to its eco-friendly composition.

      To make the smell fade more quickly, leave your mat unrolled in an airy, shaded area and wipe the mat down with Manduka Yoga Mat Wash, a vinegar-based cleaning solution with essential oils. 

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