CarthikHi everyone, this is Carthik. I have been practicing Yoga (Kapalbhati, to be precise) since 2 years. Being a diabetic myself, I was looking for a way to control my blood sugar naturally.

Although I had learned the benefits of Kapalbhati from some of my known acquaintances, I started taking practicing it seriously only when a trusted homeopathy doctor suggested me that it has plenty of benefits other than controlling blood sugar. I gave a thought of trying it regularly for a month (sans allopathy medicine, as it has side effects in long run). I take 500 to 1200 breaths of Kapalbhati in one sitting every day. I have been able to control my blood sugar without taking any medicine.

As a result of this, I got more curious to learn about yoga and I wanted help people like myself to help fight and control not only diabetes but also many of the new age diseases, naturally. Hence I created this site to spread the awareness on Yoga.

I welcome any suggestions or feedback to make this site more useful for the people at large, suffering from any disease, to believe there is a natural way to fight the disease, without taking allopathy medicine and thus avoiding its side effects on a long run.

PS: Reducing the intake of (or stopping) allopathic medicines should be done with the advice of your doctor.