Yoga pose

The word “yoga” means the yoking together or the union of the individual atma or individual spirit soul with the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Spirit. All different forms of yoga practices, such as asanas, breathing, and meditation are ultimately meant to help a person achieve “yoga” or union with the Supreme Soul.

Almost all of us are attuned to looking outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfillment. Modern science provides us with leisure, comfort and an easier material existence; but it does not give us peace of mind and inner calm. There are so many examples throughout the world, of people who have everything they need materially, but nevertheless unhappy, restless and tormented.

We live in a world that believes the outside happiness only makes us happy, which is very far from the truth. Let us understand this by an example – Imagine you have been starving for 3 days and your favorite food (let’s say ‘Doughnut’) is placed in front of you in as much quantity as you like (for example say 30). What would your first thoughts be?

Probably, you’d want to eat all the 30 ‘Doughnuts’. However, on actually eating each of the ‘Doughnut’ gradually, you may notice that the liking towards ‘Doughnut’ decreases after reaching your maximum limit (for example – say 10 ‘Doughnuts’) that you could eat, you’ll begin to hate the ‘Doughnut’.

What does this mean? The true happiness is not in eating a ‘Doughnut’. If the happiness was in eating the ‘Doughnut’ then it should give the same happiness after eating 10 ‘Doughnuts’, as you get after eating the first ‘Doughnut’. The true happiness is one which does not cease and that can be experienced only internally (through soul). The purpose of life should be to seek the depth of our soul, in terms of experience, spiritual wisdom, hope, peaceful mind, and faith. This can be achieved by practicing step-by-step methods of yoga, without taking anything for granted on emotional grounds.

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  1. Such a good reminder! I have been doing yoga at home everyday and this reminded me I had it on my list to do this morning. I like to do at least 15 minute of deep stretch, I find it’s so helpful for my mind, body and soul. Do you have any recommendation of online teachers?

    1. Do you mean someone taking live online Yoga class or an online Yoga program that teaches you Yoga at the comfort of your home?. If it’s the latter then, you may want to check out this program designed by a certified yoga instructor and a nutritional therapy practitioner – Tera Bucasas.

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