Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat – Review

MandukaProduct: Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Price Range: $70.40 to $300.00

Best Place to Buy: Manduka icon(Free shipping* – in the US, above $95)

Size Range: 71″ * 26″ (length*breadth) to 79″ * 26″

Colors available:  Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, and Violet

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight Range: 7 lbs to 8 lbs

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat – Product Overview

How Manduka eKO Yoga Mat works

The eKO Series is legit! It is thick and has the extra cushion for supporting joints. Made of all natural, biodegradable and non-Amazon harvested tree rubber – which simply means that no Plasticizers, no PVC, no foaming agents and non-toxic materials.  Developed over four years of research, it is the next Generation of eco-friendly Yoga Mats. The well-sealed surface provides a stable practice with wet-grip. The extra long and wide feature of the Mat enables free movement for the Yogi and stay focussed while holding a pose.

My thoughts on Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

As the Mat is manufactured without any toxic glues or foaming agents, has a closed-cell surface (not allowing the sweat to sink in), good thickness (for extra cushion), provides good traction and the best part being eco-friendly, I would give it a top choice.

What others think about Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

The Mat gets very grippy when dry, and works well when things get warm. It has good cushion and though the initial Natural Rubber scent is present, many people feel it’s not bad, it dissipates in few days. People have used it for Bikram and Vinyasa yoga, this mat prevents them from slipping and sliding in downward dog or any other yoga pose. As the Mat gets older, it gets even better. Though little pricey, it’s way better than the multiple cheap Yoga Mats available in the market.

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat Size Chart

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

How to Overcome the strong rubber smell quickly

To make the rubber smell fade more quickly, leave your mat unrolled in an airy, shaded area and wipe the mat down with Manduka Yoga Mat Wash, a vinegar-based cleaning solution with essential oils.


  • Grippy
  • Natural
  • Bio-degradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good Cushion


  • Strong rubber smell (dissipates with time when you air-dry it)
  • Price (though it looks costly, it’s a pretty good deal considering that number of positives)


  1. Though Manduka states that this mat is 99% latex free, if you know that you are allergic to even traces of latex, then you may want to look out for the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, which is 100% latex free.
  2. Keep your mat away from direct sunlight and do not leave your mat for long hours in the car trunk – outside the hot sun.


Amazon - Customer Rating for Manduka eKO Yoga MatWith 80% of 594 customers recommending the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat, it goes without saying that this mat is worth buying. The icing on the cake is that when you buy this Mat you are ensuring that you are contributing to making the earth, a safer planet as the Mat is made of natural rubber, it’s biodegradable and environment-friendly. For any question, clarification or to provide review comment (if you have used this product) to help others decide on this product, please post it in the comment box below.

Where to Buy

Manduka eKO Yoga MatCurrently, the best place to buy the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat is Mandukaicon as you have good discounts. Please note that Manduka offers Free shipping* in the US for purchase over $95. If your purchase is below $95 and if you are an Amazon Prime customer, then the best place to buy is Amazon

* This offer is valid for FedEx Home Delivery and is available for orders shipped within the contiguous United States only. No coupon code needed. Certain orders are not eligible for free shipping. Exclusions include:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, and off-shore U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico
  • APO/FPO and PO Box addresses
  • International orders
  • Wholesale orders
  • Any order containing The PRO Squared**

**Any order containing The PRO Squared will have a Flat Rate shipping of $25 when shipping via FedEx Home Delivery.

If you have used this product, would appreciate if you could provide your review (to help other readers decide on their purchase), or if you have any comment, a question or feedback to this post, please use the comment box below and I’ll be glad to respond at the earliest.

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About Carthik

Carthik shares his Healthy Life journey. Do visit regularly to get updated on his progress and tips for your own journey to live healthily. If you like what he does and if you have a passion and want to share it too, then Click here to learn how to share what you love - on your website!


  1. Personally, I don’t do yoga but after reading your site, I’m compelled to start. It’s quite interesting also, I had no idea yoga mats were so heavy. I’ve always thought about starting yoga and where I would find the stuff to start but I keep forgetting so I’m glad I came across your site to give me an, even more, reason to finally start.

    1. Thank you for stopping by this site. Glad that you found this site interesting and helped you take a wise decision to start Yoga. This gives me more satisfaction. As my intent is to make as many people, aware of the benefits of Yoga and thereby reduce or eliminate the dependency on medicines (with the consultation of their doctors), thereby fulfilling my motto – “Live Life Naturally, Without Medicines”.

      Not all Yoga Mats are heavy and not all Mats are suitable for everyone. Depending on an individual’s own comfort, purpose and choice – there is a range of Mats to select from. If you want lighter Yoga Mats, then you could check out the Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat. It is comparatively thinner and hence lighter than the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat.

  2. Thank you for this great review. I have been practicing yoga for many years and I’ve never invested in an expensive yoga mat, although I have thought about it, just because there are so many brands out there. I will definitely consider this one when I’m ready to invest in a good mat in the future!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Nice to know that you have been practicing Yoga for many years. Whenever you decide to buy a Yoga Mat, I would suggest buying an eco-friendly Mat like this one, as in addition to the quality of the Mat that benefits you, you would also make yourself proud to having contributed to making earth a safer planet, as this Mat is made of natural rubber, it’s biodegradable and environment friendly.


  3. I’ve had two Manduka yoga mats for about 10 years now. One is the super-sized – Extra long and wide, and the other is a normal-sized Mat. I LOVE them both and use one at home (the larger) and use the other for back and forth to the studio. That’s why when I saw your post I got excited! It looks like this mat is MUCH lighter. (the only drawback from their original mats is the weight). Anyway, great info, great website!

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your review on the Manduka Yoga Mats. Your review is a great testimony to other readers on the quality and the durability of the Manduka Yoga Mats. I think you are having the Manduka PRO Yoga Mats – those are amazing too – and they come with lifetime guarantee.

      Yes, those Mats are heavier than the Manduka eKO Yoga Mats. The eKO Mats are made of natural rubber and are thinner (1mm less) than the PRO Mats.


  4. I have been looking for a yoga mat off and on for the last two years. I have to say I have never seen a yoga mat 7-8lbs, that seems very different to me from other yoga mats I have had in the past. It is also a bit more expensive than I have ever seen, so maybe that’s the reason why? I am going to include Manduka as one of my final contenders when placing mine order. How long would you say the mat can last for? I usually leave my yoga mat in the trunk of my car, so I need something strong and not easily ribbed. Would you recommend it for me? Thank you

    1. The thickness of the mat (5mm) offers superior cushion and longevity and hence these are heavier than other Yoga mats. Yes, it’s a touch expensive. However, most people who bought this Mat, feel it’s better than buying multiple cheap mats frequently, as this Mat offers greater cushion and durability than other mats.

      The Manduka eKO Mat is created with dual layers. The top layer, imprinted with a slip resistant pattern, is sealed-cell for increased durability and impermeability. The bottom layer consists of a thick and sponge-like texture that provides soft cushion and support. Manduka cautions to not expose the Mat to direct sunlight or leave in the car trunk for long hours in the hot sun. 

      The repeated rolling over your toes during Vinyasa or Ashtanga style of yoga can easily cause wear and tear on other mats that are visible within a few uses. However, people who’ve used this mat haven’t noticed any such wear and tear in that area on this mat even after several months of use.

      If you have a tendency to leave your Yoga mat in the trunk of your car, then I would recommend you the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  5. Hi Carthik,

    When I started with my yoga classes to be specific Vinyasa yoga, I used to use a thick mat to protect my joints, but I was always fighting with the mat because it slips when you sweat. So after many classes complaining, my husband bought me the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, and I love it. It is so easy to work out on it, and I do not have any problem with smell issues after my workout. It is a great brand. I totally recommend it.

    Good review!

    1. Hi Darmendra,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat. It’s really worth every penny as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, if you are a nature lover, and care for the Earth, then you may want to get yourself the Manduka eKO Yoga Mat, as it is made of Natural tree rubber, is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

  6. Great mat! I went with the Eko Lite version and it is the best yoga mat I have ever owned. I think the main difference is that the Eko Lite is just thinner. Before I had some really cheap toxic mat that lasted less than a year and I slid all over. I feel like I am able to do the poses better with the proper mat. I love the grip it offers in down dog.

    1. Another difference is the cushion. The eKO Yoga Mat has better cushion than the eKO Lite version. However, frequent travelers also prefer buying 2 Mats – the eKO Yoga Mat to practice at home or studio and the eKO Lite Yoga Mat for their travel.

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